What makes for a good video? Someone who has a passion for the project and is positioned behind the camera as well as the computer when editing.

Also, experience. Sure, there are many inspiring works coming from students or even amateurs but nothing compares to working with someone with ten years of continuous education and experience in an array of genres. Someone who knows the formula. The golden quality of filmmaking, or video production, will always come from the story. A true filmmaker or video producer can look at any project, whether it’s a feature film; a short film; documentary; web commercial; or training video; and know exactly what needs to be done to bring it to life. A true filmmaker has a camera on them at all times. I carry my GoPro in my purse and even use my iPhone. Even with an iPhone, a proper filmmaker uses the rules to create and capture something magical. I care and take pride in my work, and love collaborating.